Some of My Favorite Texts by Others

Below are some of the texts I go to frequently in my teaching and writing. It is by no means a comprehensive list. But those who have studied with me or read my writings will recognize many of these texts.

Amichai: A Man in His Life

Bernstein This I Believe

Einstein on This I Believe

Kook: Four-fold song

Genesis & Soloveitchik Adam I Adam II

Levinas: Essays on Education

Bernstein: Open Letter

Ouaknin: Burnt Book

Parker Palmer on leadership

Sacks: Dignity of Difference

Sacks: The Home We Build Together


Text Studies by Me (feel free to use with attribution)

Four Stories of Hannukah

From the Talmud to Scalia – Originalism and interpretation in Jewish law.

Translation & Interpretation – Exploration of the Talmudic statement that “one who translates a text according to its plain meaning is a liar, and one who adds to it is a blasphemer.”

Silence: Talmud and Rabbi Nahman of Bratslav.

A Reflection on Risk (Ketubot 77B)

Wonder and Radical Amazement–Heschel and King

What Is the Most Beautiful Thing About People?

What is a Powerful Man?

Where Do You Feel at Home?

What’s Your Story?

Preparation: The High Holidays

What Does It Mean to Be Jewish?

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