From this a.m.’s NYT:

Roosevelt understood that governing involved choice and that choice engendered dissent. He accepted opposition as part of the process. It is time for the Obama administration to step up to the plate and make some hard choices.

Health care reform enacted by a Democratic majority is still meaningful reform. Even if it is passed without Republican support, it would still be the law of the land.


As I believed when Obama was elected, real change is not possible given the existence of the United States Senate and its rules. The Senate is designed to be an anti-democratic institution–that’s the essence of having two senators for every state, as opposed to representation based on population, by which the House is organized. So all this talk about change, and all the talk about post-partisanship, has been and remains hooey.

A majority of the elected officials of the United States support Obama’s program. They should be able to vote in favor of that program; otherwise, what did we elect them for?