Two quick items:

1. Someone responded to my post yesterday (with the picture of the Palestinian father) with an angry diatribe about how I was the Jew who said we didn’t need to do anything in Europe in 1938, and how “their kids” are being brought up to be suicide bombers. I didn’t reply to the guy, since he clearly only looked at the picture and didn’t read the post.

So let me make the point of that post explicit: I wasn’t making a comment about the justness of Israel’s battle; but we all must bear the moral cost. The dead children in that picture–the oldest looked no older than 5–were innocent, victims of a war they had no choice in. To be clear: I’m not talking about moral equivalency. Hamas has brought ruin upon itself. But I am trying to remind us all that one of the burdens of statehood is accepting the moral costs of power and the exercise of violence.

You have to look at the picture. To borrow a phrase from an old deodorant commercial: Anything less would be uncivilized.

2. This is the best piece of analysis I’ve read this week. Well worth your time.