First, thanks for your concern for our personal safety- we really don’t feel any at all, as we are still out of range, plus we know that the sirens and miklatim (shelters) defense system for the most part work, so even if 12% of the Israeli population is presently a target, the likelihood of actually getting hit is very small, it’s still far more dangerous to get in a car, and we do that every day. The trauma, however, is very real. Many kids are visibly anxious, shaken and distressed. Certainly living in a war zone- (much of Israel proper right now) and hearing the sirens and explosions and running for shelter with parents shrieking to run faster is not the family dynamic we all dream of when we bring children into this world. 

That moral equivalency of humanitarian plight on both sides. To be sure, children are innocent on all sides, but parents can choose to celebrate life or death. How many people do you know  would invite mass murderers to set up their rockets in their living room and store their wepaons arsenal under their kids’ bunkbeds? And say what you want about our leaders (I’m certainly no fan of them) and how well they internalize lessons from the past, but ours are looking to protect civilians everywhere- in Israel and Gaza- while Hamas are nothing but a bunch of terrorist thugs. A lull of 24 or 48 hrs. would not givetime for both sides to reassess our values and goals and try their hand at diplomacy, but time for the enemy to extend the range of their grads. 

And Israel lusts for peace. All of Israel. We gave back every last square inch in Gaza, and it was turned into a rocket launching pad. Beersheva and Gedera are new, but Sderot was targeted every day, every week, for yrs. If I’m happy about anything about this mess, it’s that we Israelis woke up and remembered that we had all but forgotten our Sderot brethren. Sure, we bought their jewlery and their Challot, we visited them en masse for very celebrated weekends together, and then we abandoned them, we didn’t internalize their hardship, we forgot to comiserate, we didn’t beg them to move in with us.